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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Wait till next year!

Ok, super mediocre bowl is over (even the commercials stunk) it ended as I predicted (but didn't want)  the Defense and speed of Seattle won the day as expected.

Now for the big game coming up!

I'm going to throw a curve. Everyone keeps talking about the inevitability of  a rematch of the same teams with some shuffling around on the roster. The big names will still be there but possibly not the same ones as everyone expects.

Oh, you still think I am talking football? No! Its political silly season. So I'm going to make a call. Throw a name out there. And see who thinks its off the wall.

Bill Clinton was the big name for Democrats. He had his time in the sun and moved on. Then another came up who thought they would take the mantle. It was all lined up to happen. It was an automatic. They couldn't be beat. But elections are funny things. They don't always go as planned. The hero was upset. Now everyone thinks comeback.

Oh, you think I am talking  about Hillary? Wrong again.

I'm talking Al Gore.

Yep. The Goricle.

What if Al Gore got into the primary against Hillary?

Hillary has a history of blowing primary races that look like a lock. If you ask people, they can't even name a single accomplishment she has done. Nothing against her age but its going to be a tough sell that she is something fresh and new to the scene.

Al is rested and ready. He is flush with cash from his TV sale deal and still has a bunch of the cool aid drinkers buying in to the global warming/cooling/change snake oil.  It could be a real barn burner. 

Just a thought. What do you think?

I think an Al vs. Hillary primary would be a spectacular race!


  1. 2 Recycled Dems yes and Al has gotten FAT on the Land both Self Serving ....I really am hoping that the Conservatives will unite the Libertarians and Republicans need to Unite and get rid of all the Fake Conservatives out there>starting with traitor for $2 billion pork deal Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio who Amnesty Bill, Paul Ryan and John McCain who have both Turned for 2nd Term Bleed Out and the GOP......Also Conservatives need to do something about the Rampant cheating from the Libs like blocking over 1 million military ballots they arrived one day late...Coincidence? You have got to get your hands a little Dirty as you are dealing with LowLife Scum...

  2. Newt could be Algore's VP and bring the green party votes.

    Newt's been sponsored by Algore before:



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