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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

UT fighting against equal distribution of student fees.

Equality? Fairness?

Not at UT.

 They are fighting against making sure student activity fees that pay for speakers are distributed in an equitable way among those who pay into the fund. I guess having communists, drag shows, anti Isreal speakers get the majority of the money is the way they like it.  There top defense?  the old "free speech isn't free unless someone else is forced to pay for it".


  1. Ut could be University of Texas, University of Tampa, Utah....I assume you mean University of TN> Liberal and its sounding like UCLA>University of Caucasians Lost among Asians LOLOL

  2. I used to be an avid UT fan (and not just for sports)...but that enthusiasm is increasingly eroding. Have you seen this?



  3. Good to see UT is helping our human capital widgets prepare to compete in the global marketplace.

    How does that golden condom hunt do that again?

  4. Hey, Senator. I would just like to point out a few problems with your legislation. At the U of Memphis I served on a board that decided where student activity funds for non-SAC projects would be spent. All of the student groups that want their projects funded came before this board. I am a conservative but I voted projects that were fairly liberal in nature for an obvious reason: conservative groups did not submit proposals. Funds get spent on projects that people wanted to put together. Conservative groups did not seek funds. I assume that this happens at the other large state schools. You can't punish groups who apply for those that did not apply. Also, this should be left to an organization of the students and not to the state legislature. Its not from your pocket. The money is from mine.

  5. Thank you unknown. If they don't like it why not go to a religious institution? Just like right to work, do you not have a right to education?

  6. I am a student at the University of Tennessee and I can say for a fact that the students (and your constituents, if you'd like to keep that in mind) are definitely not fighting against "equality" or "fairness", but rather the opposite.

    We are fighting to continue giving every student and every organization equal opportunity to access funds. I am a conservative and may not agree with the views of every organization at my university, but I believe they have the right to exist and host programs for the portions of the student body that they do represent. We are fighting for our First Amendment Rights and we believe that every one has the inherent right to preach their message, regardless of whether we personally agree with them or not. We believe that unnecessary government intervention is something that Nashville is supposed to be against, not for. We believe that since students are the ones paying the fees, students should continue to have the authority to decide how they spend them. We believe that students know the needs and wants of the student body better than Nashville does.

    The fact that you are willing to harm the student body and our beloved university in a sad attempt to make headlines and be reelected is sad and reveals a lot about your character.

    1. I agree, they should be allowed to spend their funds as THEY see fit. Not as some board sees fit.

    2. Well, your bills are trying to stop it and limit students' free speech. The board is made up of students. It gives students the ability to express their views. They do not turn anyone down because of ideology. If an organization did not receive funding for a particular event, it's simply because the event itself did not meet the requirements for funding. Your bill does NOT allow students to spend their funds as they see fit. It is attempting to alienate and silence the voices of the minority groups on campus because they would be unable to host events without UPSF board funding.

    3. *Also, if you believe in free speech, you may want to change your settings so that all of our comments do not have to be "approved" before becoming visible.


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