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Saturday, February 01, 2014

The bogus stat that will not die.

Like the race card, when in doubt,  liberals whip it out. The sexiest claim that the evil male oppressors some how force women into subjugation by paying them less then their male counterparts.

Except,... Well .... Yea.


  1. I have never found out what my male usually gay counterpart Interior Designers make as I know I am worth the $250 an hour I get except when I have to deal with all the high end whining from my Neurotic Clients! To want as much as some higher end male counterpart gets is just Coveting in my book and I am satisfied with the many Blessings God has Bestowed #Always Grateful to God

    1. God says women, you must submit. Thank you for bowing to the males-although I will have to pray about the gay part. All women need to follow these basic rules for smooth sailing. Thanks be to God!

  2. You need to pray for some Common Sense and through out this Blog you have shown that your Common Sense Quotient is Low!!! maybe that is why you have no pic and are Anonymous...Your grammar is perfect but you have No Passion and come off like a Computer Chip xoxo


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