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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Deja vu.......but not.

Everyone keeps trying to say how Bredesen tried to do the "Tennessee Promise" years ago. Its true, except where it isn't.

On the grand scheme of free community college, yes, he tossed the idea around.

On how the plan would be paid for, well that's another story all together.

If I recall correctly, Bredesen wanted to pay for his plan with reoccurring costs raised from the lottery income. That sort of plan could open up the state lottery fund to future unfunded expense were revenue to dip.

On the other hand, "Tennessee Promise" would be paid for by a trust fund made up of lottery surplus savings and its interest. Not a continuing expense, thus, no real potential loss or continuing drain to the state or the state lottery fund should incomes dip.


  1. From my perspective, this looks like the payoff the community colleges get for being the Common Core scapegoats. Under the SCORE-Woodson legislation, no college remedial students/courses are allowed at 4-year universities any longer (starting this year). All those kids get shuffled to the community/technical 2-year colleges. Additionally all the community colleges are now to be "common", exactly the same under a "common" umbrella. Just read the legislation:


    They got screwed by SCORE-Woodson's legislation. Everybody was in a big hurry to Race To The Trough and "reform".

    Theoretically speaking, let's say this social experiment works and everyone in the state ends up with at least an associate's degree for "free". Do you not think after a generation, all these college educated folks are still dumb enough to buy lottery tickets? What happens when lottery revenue drops?

  2. Considering education through the 12th grade has been free for a long time, we still do not have a 100% HS graduation rate. Just because the CCs will be free does not mean everyone will go or finish. The key will be to maintain minimum standards for these certification programs and associate degrees or else they will become worthless - like a current HS diploma.

    1. You should take a closer look at Common Core. It is a P-20 standard, meaning preschool through college, plus tracking of those folks' careers, salary, "etc." after that.

      Public education is totally driven by the federal government at this point. The states will be doing exactly as commanded to keep getting their sugar daddy money. So, like NCLB, the bar will be lowered to keep claiming "success" and college "graduation rates".

      "Free" lottery scholarships did nothing but skyrocket the cost of college in TN, while lowering entrance requirements to below average so it would be "fair". The lottery was supposed to be the silver bullet to increase college attendance/graduation/overall society greatness in TN. Apparently we now need a gold bullet. I can hardly wait to see how much "free" college will cost. Kind of like Obamacare.


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