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Monday, January 27, 2014

Verbal deal on wine.

A deal may be done on the wine in grocery stores bill.

Its just verbal so far but here are some of the key points.

Its allowing mini marts that do 20% food sales in.

 One of my ideas sound like it was the key part of putting the entire deal together as well.

My idea for an area ban around current liquor stores is in. It is allowing those liquor stores locked in to current leases a chance to survive. A ban of 500 feet around current liquor  store  is part of the verbal deal.

 No "Mad dog" wine based liquor  sales allowed.

It will be by referendum vote.

Those are some of the key points, More to come....

1 comment:

  1. Senator:

    Any deal that doesn't include most of the following, isn't a good deal for those of us in small business across the state:

    • Shipping and Delivery
    o Off-premise retail liquor license shall be allowed to ship Wine/Spirits/Beer/etc. inside and outside the state.
    o Off-premise retail liquor license shall be allowed to deliver within the state.
    o Includes a requirement that vendors shipping Wine/Spirits/Beer into TN collect sales tax on behalf of the state.
    • Opening 365 days
    o Off-premise retail may be open for business 365 days per year, including Sundays and Holidays.
    • Selling in Non-Original Containers
    o Off-Premise Liquor license may be permitted to sell in non-original, standard containers.
    o For example, growlers of beer, either high or low alcohol.
    • Storing Alcohol Off Site
    o Off-Premise Liquor License may be permitted to store alcoholic beverages off-site.
    • Operating Multiple Locations
    o Off-Premise Liquor License may operate up to three locations under liquor license
    • Delaying Implementation
    o Wine in Food Store License to take effect in a jurisdiction 12 months from the January 1st immediately following the passing of a referendum vote.
    o All other provisions take place immediately after passage and are not dependent on referendum.
    • Removing Credit Terms
    o Allow Off-Premise Liquor License to negotiate terms based on creditworthiness.
    • Selling from Off-premise to On-premise
    o Off Premise Liquor License may sell alcoholic beverages to On Premise retailers.
    • Charging for In-store Tastings
    o Off-Premise Liquor License can charge for defined “samples” of wine, spirit or beer.
    • Selling at Tastings and events—Mobility of License
    o Off-Premise Liquor License may sell product at tastings or other non-permanent events.
    • Using Manufacturer’s Coupons
    o Allow Off-Premise Liquor License to use manufacturer’s “cents-off” coupons.
    • Removing Restrictions on In House Combination Packaging
    o Off Premise Liquor License may combine products or package together.
    o For example, gift baskets.
    • Removing Restrictions on Giving Items of Value to Customers
    o Off Premise Liquor License may give away items to customers that are not alcoholic beverages.
    o Alcoholic beverages may be given away under a “buy one get one free” scenario as long as the total sale value is not below the cost of the combined products.


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