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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thought of the day.

Instead of saying "We will force someone to pay you another dollar an hour and take a cut"  how about saying "We will tax you a dollar less an hour and you can keep all of it".


  1. Everyone wins except 2nd Term Bleed Out Admin

  2. Since the people who earn $10.00 hr don't pay income tax anyway, yet still pay the regressive sales tax-how is your idea even plausible? Nice sound bite though-should be perfectly clear if you never took an economics class.

  3. I think the point he is trying to convey>Do not allow the Govt to Parasite more>I assume the state tax and property tax are a must or the State of TN would be living on Fumes>Thank your lucky stars that you do not live in Ca where they are so many additions to your property tax ,sewer,schools=all for the illegals where I used to Live and Hi the Welfare State where I now Live. Aloha Anonymous you are extremely bright but you cutting comments are now helping TN where I plan to buy a 2nd Home...


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