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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thought of the day (For Gene Patterson)

Why is it when ever someone supports 2nd amendment the media claims they have sold out to the gun lobby (without ever having recieved a donation from them).

Yet when someone who has received tons from teachers unions brings education bills the same claim is never made?


  1. Senator, I don't post this to be mean or tacky, but to encourage better grammar amongst the residents of this great state. Our leaders should actually LEAD.

    Please note that "media" is a plural noun, requiring a plural verb. Also, "amendment" should be capitalized when used in that context.

    Yours truly,
    A Far-Away Fan

    1. Dear Far-Away Fan, when a highly prominent legislator, such as Senator Campfield, posts on a political blog, such as this one, the real value is in what he is experiencing, what he is thinking, and in what he is sharing with us, in order to keep his constituents up to date on what is happening in our State Legislature and here in Tennessee.

      Senator Campfield is a very busy, very well educated man, having earned two or three degrees. Those of us who follow him do not expect him to spend a lot of time proofreading, and checking every little thing that he puts into print. That is the job of a secretary, and he prefers to post "live," instead of taking time out to have his secretary proofread everything!

      What WE are interested in is what is happening in our state legislature and in our state! It is truly acceptable for him not to proofread everything!

      Please cut him some slack and pay more attention to what he is saying than to his grammar and punctuation, and you will learn a great deal from him! I know I have, over the years!

      A Fellow Fan


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