Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Quote of the week.

"Men are like waffles. Woman are like spaghetti."

-Sen. Janice Bowling


Frank Niceley says some of the funniest stuff. After being chided on the senate floor about not using enough nouns in his descriptions of his bills by Democrat minority leader Jimmy Kyle a few senators decided to ask him about it in bill review the next day.

Frank shot back, "Well, I don't have the fancy education so I looked up some nouns and I found some words can be nouns or verbs.....Take for instance the word Jerk...."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hemp is riding high.

The industrial hemp bill is on its way to the Governor.

Let me file that right over here.

Some democrats up on capitol hill want to subpoena everyone who may have said anything about the union vote at VW. Yea. I'm sure they are  taking all this real seriously. About as serious as they take a bunch of the resolutions we send to them.

 Put that right next to not at all.

Saying "We want something that is agreeable to the state" means absolutely nothing. "Agreeable" could be a pro union vote for all that means. This is a fishing expedition without any bait and no one dumb enough to bite the empty hook.

Welfare/Parental involvement on way to Gov.

My bill for parental involvement is on its way to the governor after passing the state house earlier this evening.

I'm stoked!!

Rep. Vance Dennis  did a great job defending the bill holding off the same old tired attacks.  Rep. Bill Dunn stood up and offered personal experience of his daughter (a teacher) that brought the applause to the chamber.

This bill has been a lot of work but was something I always thought was needed to help break the cycle of poverty. 

Cut the Hall income tax or give raises?

Thought of the day.

Gun laws are mostly restrictions on freedom. Not protections of that freedom.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Conzo out...for real. Who is in?

Conzo Martin is gone to Cal. My sources close to the program say  UT is, and has been going for The Wichita State coach. 

Voucher bill dies in.....

Do I even need to say it?

House budget subcommittee.

There will be blood.

Ok. This is getting dirty.

The house budget sub is now not even allowing gun bills to be heard.

My parks protection bill (allowing guns in parks) was set to be heard after the budget. My house sponsor was there and ready to present the bill when the committee chair told him his bill was taken off notice NOT by him (the sponsor) but BY THE COMMITTEE!

That's a new one! I don't even recall Naifeh doing that.

To say the  NRA is not pleased is an understatement. While they wanted to pass the constitutional open carry, they thought of that bill as a bonus bill. They were expecting to at least pass the parks bill. It sailed through the senate and behind closed doors they were promised it would come out of house budget. When it wasn't even heard .....well, lets just say it will not be good for those who made false promises.

Not good at all.

Thought of the day.

Giving away freedom with personal responsibility is scary to those who impose power over others. 


Looking after your fellow man has been changed into government force. 

The gun fight was over on the first day of session.

House budget sub kills the constitutional open carry bill for TN. While  28 or 30 other states already have this law (two states have it, but in different forms) It is probably dead in TN for this year. While the senate passed it 25-2 I probably really knew this bill was dead before it ever made it to the first committee on the first day of session. Why? House budget sub. We all read about the funny business with the fiscal note that looked like a move to kill the bill for cost in budget sub, but really, in the end, this one sub committee killed the bill because they (and leadership) didn't like the concept. Not the cost.

The black hole lives.

Really this is a house rule problem that should be cleared up at the beginning of the year.  In the house, unlike the senate,  any bill that starts with a fiscal note must go through budget sub even if the fiscal note is removed before the bill goes to the first committee.


This is a  house leadership made bottleneck that allows this one sub committee to kill off any and almost all controversial bills, that would probably pass on the full house floor if it they ever made it there. It subverts the will of the body.  Now, any bill that even looks close to controversial gets some fiscal note slapped on it at the beginning of the year just to assure it goes through this one sub committee.

If you look back, almost every big bill went through this one committee and didn't get out unless house leadership wanted it to and even then it was a long drawn out process. I have also seen bad bills get passed out of other committees because some legislators say "I know it was a bad bill
but I just figured I would pass it and let budget sub kill it"

When the rules are set at the beginning of the year, the house should move to change this and say that any bill that does not have a fiscal note, or has the fiscal note removed during the year, does not have to go to house budget committee.

Then things would really flow (or not) as the committees and the body intended them to do and the
committees would have to actually be responsible for their votes and do some work to fix or kill bad bills on their own. Budget notes would be more realistic and not just contrived tools to kill controversial bills.

Who knows, it could even be an issue in a leadership race.

Joe pulls the dough.

Joe Carr pulls in some good dough in his run for the US senate against Lamar! 

Monday, April 14, 2014


"God's not dead" is a good movie if you like logical arguments with a good message.

"Captain America winter soldier" is a good action flick that is timely with all the NSA stuff. It presents both sides of the argument but Cap is on the side of......

Sunday, April 13, 2014

This could be huge.

A new rule allows bills with 67 house sponsors to bypass the committee system.

Constitutional Open carry could be the first bill it is actually used on but more house sponsors are needed.

Currently, the bill is bottled up in house finance subcommittee fighting a fiscal note that seems fluid to keep the bill stuck. | Nashville News, Weather & Sports

Quote of the day.

"With Obamacare its live free or log on. We chose to live free"

-Scott Walker

Common core deal.

Tom Humphries breaks The Common Core freeze, PARCC rebid deal  that was cut with leadership a few weeks ago. We were all sworn to secrecy on it till leadership made the anouncement when the ink was ready to dry.

This will put into place a lot of the things many anti PARCC/Common Core reform legislators wanted to see done, but we couldn't get our bill out of committee. I think the turning point was when the house voted to amend another unrelated education bill on the floor,  out of frustration,  and it got 88 votes.

I think then, leadership knew something had to be done or  there would be chaos on education  bills for the rest of the year.

 Expect it to go on as an amendment to the Gresham/Dunn Common core data bill that made it out of committee early in the year.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thought of the day. (Bonus)

God really is giving me golden opportunities to prove I can be patient and not lose my temper today. Thank you lord.

Thinking about "In God we trust"

Well the senate voted to "study" the "In God we trust" bill. Im sure you all know what that means. 

The saying used to be, "if you can get 17 in the senate and 50 in the house you can sell the dome off the capitol". Now I guess its "If you can get17 and 50 we will send it to the capitol commission and let them study it. If they like it we may think about it for another year. Who knows." 

Well, Peter denied the name of Jesus 3 times before the cock crowed. I guess I can't expect much more out of the senate.

Thought of the day.

Do old jokers get to the point where they have "jumped the snark"?

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

More weed bills pass

A study of canibinoid oils (To possibly stop seizures in children) passed the senate 23-4

Hemp legal

Industrial hemp just passed the senate 29-0. Yes, that's hemp. Not its "naughty cousin" marijuana.

No Friday.

Well Friday recess is out. The house is waaaaay behind. They have like 100 bills on today's calendar so its looking like it will be probably Tuesday before recess.

Thought of the day.

Allowing people to carry guns is not a fear of a degenerating society, it is trusting society to defend themselves against the evil that will always exist.